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 ASEM, request CVID to North...United Nations' commitment to full implementation of sanctions against North Korea (General)

a complete and rapid implementation of the joint statement between the two Koreas.

Prompt North for NPT return...○ North Korean human rights and humanitarian situation improvement

Closing after adoption of chair name...Advocacy of multilateral trade and emphasis on rapid implementation of climate agreements토토사이트

Leaders of 51 Asian and European countries urged North Korea to make a complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization.

The leaders also said they supported comprehensive resolution of the Korean nuclear issue through diplomacy, promised full implementation of the Security Council resolution on North Korea, and fully and swiftly implemented the joint declaration adopted between the two Koreas and Singapore.

After holding the 12th ASEM summit in Brussels, which is home to the European Union (EU) headquarters, the leaders adopted the chairman's statement and ended it.

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