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 Start a field investigation this week at the earliest...various kinds of talks

It is reported that a joint investigation by North Korea to connect the two Koreas and modernize the railways will begin as early as this week.

A source familiar with the inter-Korean railway connection project said on Thursday that the South and North are discussing how to launch a joint investigation into the North`s Gyeongui Line railway later this week.
"The schedule is somewhat flexible as the South Korean government and the U.N. Command have agreed to pass the MDL along with the South-North agreement," the source added.

Inter-Korean Gyeongui rail line in the high-level meeting on Dec. 15 local joint investigation since the end of October, donghae local railway line is agreed to launch from early November, joint inspection.to exist

"I understand that discussions with North Korea and the U.N. are proceeding smoothly," a government official said.

When the joint investigation began this week, it was two months after the South tried to launch a local investigation into the northern part of the Gyeongui Railroad by mobilizing personnel and trains, but the U.N. agency failed to approve the MDL travel plan.

Joint investigation via the Gyeongui railway, the South Korean train will and Sinuiju to the investigation and beyond the mdl donghae a ship from North Hamgyong Province, to Mount Kumgang to the survey.Way.

Gyeongui Line in 10 days, donghae North and South Korea, but is expected to take a period of about 15 days in the survey investigation period as in talks with the maximum speed.It was known as.

Inter-Korean Gyeongui inter-Korean cross border railway, the middle of next month, and donghae a North Korean joint investgation into the plan is open to break ground as early as next month after the horse.

The inter-Korean railroad connection of the Gyeongeui Line in July and a donghae a joint inspection was conducted.

Other agreements on the Pyongyang Joint Declaration, the result of the third inter-Korean summit last month, will also be implemented this week.

First of all, a meeting with forest cooperation division will be held at the inter-Korean liaison office in Gaeseong on the 22nd. Prevention of re-election of pine trees and modernization of the North Korean cemetery will be discussed.

In addition, a health and medical meeting to prevent the influx of infectious diseases and a sports meeting to discuss the issue of co-hosting of the 2032 Summer Olympics will be held within this month.

However, due to the tight schedule, it seems uncertain whether the Seoul performance of the North's art troupe will be held within this month as agreed upon by the leaders of the two Koreas.
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