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 Law enforcement review on the 26th of Lim Jong-hun...Oh, I'm gonna issue a warrant

Lim Jong-heon, 59, former vice president of the Court Administration, will be arrested the day after his term as former Supreme Court justice chief.

According to the court on Wednesday, the Seoul Central District Court will conduct a pre-constraint questioning of Lim at 10:30 a.m. on Monday.On the previous day, the prosecution sought arrests and false public documents on charges of obstruction of right to abuse of authority, leakage of official secrets, dereliction of duty, and aggravated punishment of certain crimes. 토토사이트추천The arrest warrant will be reviewed by Lim Min-seong, a senior judge of the warrant. Lim will decide whether to issue the warrant as early as the night of the day at the earliest and the next morning after hearing Lim's statement.

Lim, who served as deputy director of the planning and coordination division of the court administration from August 2012 to March last year, is suspected of presiding over the allegations of judicial farmers.

The prosecution believes Lim played a role in the investigation of judges, court intervention and slush funds. The immediate supervisor who received the report was Cha Han-seong, Ko Young-han, Park Byeong-dae, and Yang Seung-tae, former Chief Justice of the Court.

He drives a Japanese forced labor victims, in particular legal actions, The Korean Teachers and Educational Workers Union administrative litigation, Park Geun-hye, former president's secret line medical staff are suspected of involvement in lawsuits. The court also indicted former Unified Progressive Party lawmaker Tatsuya Kato, former head of the Seoul bureau of the Japanese daily Sankei Shimbun, on charges of involvement in the case.

There are also suspicions that Lim played a direct role in identifying trends within the Constitutional Court or covering up corruption cases in Busan. Suspicions such as leaks of investigation secrets related to the "Jeong Un-ho Gate" and ghostwriting of former Constitutional Court chief Park Han-chul have been detected.

In addition, he is suspected of planning to raise slush funds and leading the way in 2015 when he was paid to operate a public storage office in each level of the court.

Prosecutors investigated 80 former and incumbent judges, including Lee Min-geol, former director of planning and coordination for the administration, and Lee Gyu-jin, a standing member of the Supreme Court's board, and summoned Lim for the first time.

Lim reportedly denied most of the charges, saying, "I don't remember." However, while admitting to the fact that he received reports on various issues from the ministry's reviewers, he protested by saying, "I have little or no active intervention in the preparation of documents or whether they were executed."

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