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 Prosecutors raided Lee Jae-myung's house to find his mobile phone (General)

Choi Hae-min, the reporter of the Yonhap News Agency, said, "The prosecution took over the so-called "Hye Kyung-gung Kim" from police to secure Kim Hye-kyeong, wife of Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung.

The Public Security Department of Suwon District Public Prosecutors' Office (Kim Joo-pil) raided Kim's cell phone, which was charged with violating the Public Officials Election Act and defamation.

In addition, the search and seizure of the office has not been conducted at 11 a.m. since the governor was on his way to the provincial office in the morning.

The search is reportedly aimed at securing a mobile phone that has been opened to Kim since 2013.

Kim has been using Android smartphones since 2013, and replaced them with iPhones in mid-July 2016 and as mobile phone numbers of 44 were revealed on the Internet at the end of April this year, he changed not only mobile phones but also numbers. Previously, iPhone 44, which had been in use, has been in a 'use' state since it had only recently replaced its phone.

Accordingly, during December Twitter in April this year and 2016 respectively from Jeon Hae-chul, Kim hyegyeonggung deobul fishermen about the candidates for governor, a 'Jahan and the hand in hand.' high.An article spreading false information and Moon Jae-in and defame the job, saying they have a preference are applicable mutatis mutandis, the son of president may have been drawn up in writing is what the iPhone is big.

However, the iPhone's whereabouts are now unknown.

The prosecution is believed to be searching for the four mobile phones under Kim's name, deferring to the fact that Kim used only four mobile phones.

Some analysts also say that there may be more mobile phones under the unknown Kim name, and that more than four mobile phones may be searched for.

The prosecution reportedly plans to secure all of these mobile phones to prove Kim's charges.

The search came eight days after the police sent the case to the prosecution, and attention is focusing on what the prosecution will do with only 20 days검증사이트 left until the statute of limitations expires next month.

Earlier, cyber investigation team of the southern Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency concluded that Kim created and used a Twitter account called Hyegyeonggung Kim, and sent Kim to the prosecution on Tuesday.

  |  Post by : sakitintud001818

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